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Liquor Licences

Responsible Liquor Service

Find out about the AGLC’s Hard to Tell – Have to Ask campaign to keep liquor out of the hands of minors and the ProServe Liquor Staff Training Program.


The AGLC licences liquor activities in Alberta according to the Gaming and Liquor Act and Regulation, other provincial and federal legislation and AGLC policies.

In Alberta, five classes of licences as well as a special event licence are issued for the sale and manufacture of liquor:

For more information refer to the Policies, Procedures and Handbooks section.

Maintenance Inspection Reference Checklists

Wonder what AGLC Inspectors look for when conducting licensee inspections and what you need to be aware of as a licensee?  The following checklists will guide you:

Payment Options

Direct payment options are available to liquor licensees purchasing direct from the liquor and beer warehouse.

A letter of guarantee is not required when the licensee is registered to use one of the options listed below. Note: The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission must provide authorization to use these direct payment methods.

If you are a client of any of the above financial institutions and you bank online, you can simply complete the appropriate application form and email it to or fax to:

Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission
Banking & Liquor Revenue
Fax: 780-447-8697

List of Warehouse Codes for Liquor Payments

Liquor licensees need to identify the appropriate warehouse code when making payments. Warehouse codes are listed here:

Alternate Payment Options

Without Bank Guarantee:
  • Certified cheque
  • Bank draft
With Bank Guarantee:
  • Uncertified cheque
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – telephone or web-based application
  • Bank Guarantee form

For more information, please call 780-447-7554 during office hours.

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