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General Policies, Procedures and Handbooks

  • General Information on Gaming Licences
    This document highlights  the types of gaming licences available in Alberta. This information is for general reference only and is not intended to replace the Gaming and Liquor Act or Regulation. (LIC/GAM 5478)

  • Declaration of Community Benefit
    This form must be filled out, in full, in order to determine the group's eligibility for a gaming licence. The application will not be processed if all of the information is not completed and/or supporting documents are not attached. (LIC/GAM 5514)

  • Joint Venture Gaming Licences
    Joint Venture Guidelines - Two or more groups can be licensed to conduct one event as a joint venture. Each group must comply with basic eligibility requirements as set out in the Charitable Gaming Policy specific to the type of gaming licence applied for.   (LIC/GAM 5496)

  • Charitable Gaming Policies Handbook
    This document contains information on the Charitable Gaming Policies, including eligibility and use of gaming revenue/proceeds policies.

  • The GAIN Resource Manual
    This resource manual provides an overview of essential information about charitable gaming in Alberta. Executives and members of charitable groups will find important information in this comprehensive manual related to the responsibilities of gaming licensing. AGLC policies take precedence over any information in this manual. (Revised March 2016)

  • List of Elected Executive Form
    It is imperative that the AGLC be kept informed of any changes to the elected executive positions of an organization. Please provide information for all bona fide executive members and positions authorized to sign documents forwarded to the AGLC. (LIC/GAM 5471 (03/12))

  • AGLC Internet Account
    An AGLC Internet Account is a privilege granted to eligible organizations which provides access to the AGLC's secure, web application services. Secure, online web-based services are currently available to registered Charitable Gaming Organizations and Alberta Registries.

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